About the Artist

Hello and welcome!

My name is Christa Michelle and I have been a Life long artist of multiple mediums, including Photography, oil painting, drawing, digital art, clothing design and music.  For many years, my main career focus was dressmaking and clothing design. At that time I had a specialty line of wedding gowns, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses that were sold across the country and often featured in the local wedding magazine. 

After a series of personal losses, my entire life screeched to a halt and I suddenly found myself following the path of energy medicine and the healing arts.  During that time of intense training, my art, music, and designing took a backseat.

 In 2018, after a near death event, I endured a traumatic brain injury that turned my world upside down. Suddenly I felt like a stranger in my own life. Everything had changed for me. It was hard to remember things, and often took 10x longer to do everything.  After 2 years of that, I wondered if my brain would ever heal and I could come out of the fog.   But then something magical happened and music found its way back to me.  It was only then that my brain was finally able to heal and I began to feel like myself again, the true me that got lost along the way,  hidden beyond a veil of stuck grief.  I didn't realize how "not me" I had become, until I finally found my way back to myself when I began to create music and art again.  Not only did the music heal my brain, but also allowed me an outlet to finally process the grief I carried for so many years.

After a lot of introspection, meditation and healing in the recent past, I have decided that it is time to bravely step into the unknown, as I choose to follow the calling of my heart and pursue my artistic endeavors as my full time career now.   

As I figure it out, and blend it all together into a unique expression of my soul, I promise to share my voice and my heart with you!  

I am Very excited to make my entrance into the beautiful and magical NFT Space with the intention to uplift and inspire with my art and music.  

I invite you to join me on this new adventure as I take this first step and witness with me the unfolding of what is to come!   Stay tuned!  Exciting and innovative projects and collections are on the way.

I am so honored you are here! 

And so it begins: with my very first minted 1/1 NFT: 

 “The Thread of Life” to honor and promote Loving Kindness and peacefulness and the connectivity all living beings.  ✨💚✨